Mr. Vernon Esham was contracted to demolish and rebuild our home upon the exiting foundation and sub floor following damages caused by hurricane Sandy. His team of workers impressed me with the quality and quantity of work that they could and did. accomplish in the time that they were given.

He was very attentive to our needs and personal interests concerning the rebuild of our home. He was accessible at all times and was willing to find creative solutions to challenges that would arrive. Example would be when the heating and air installer could find no other feasible place to put the central air equipment than under the down stairs, which I needed for storage. Mr. Vernon modified a per-existing area in the down stairs bathroom to accommodate the equipment and save my storage area under the stair well.

The house that I now have is new and beautiful and something that the whole community can be proud to have in it.  He is positive, patient, and knows how to build not only a house but a home.

Besides the end product being a beautiful and efficient house, it is not very often that you get to meet and work with a man of the character and caliber of Vernon Esham.