6 Tips For A More Energy Efficient Home

Energy Efficient Kitchen

Your home is your center. It provides safety, security, and wellbeing for your family. But costs can quickly escalate, and energy can quickly become wasted. Whether building a new home, remodeling an existing one, or simply looking for new cost saving options, energy efficiency should be considered.

Ultra-efficient homes are the perfect combination of energy efficiency and state of the art design. This is achieved through energy efficient construction, energy rated appliances, and integration of commercially available renewable energy systems. New construction and remodels should take advantage of solar electricity and solar water heating solutions. In addition, these homes take advantage of local climate and energy efficient landscaping.

Within in your existing home or your next property can begin evolving to a more energy efficient home through our favorite home tips.

Energy Efficient Tips

A/C Unit

Ensure your unit is the proper size for your home. Too large and your unit’s life will dramatically shorten. Too small and your energy use will accelerate.

Porch Light

Have you noticed how often your outside light is utilized? Ensure you are using energy efficient lightbulbs to cut down of wasteful energy consumption. Don’t forget to update those bulbs throughout the home for additional energy reduction.

Door Frame

Your outside door can leak energy throughout the year and bring in cold drafts or hot air. Adding a door sweep can dramatically reduce this waste.


Proper insulation of your home dramatically decreases heating and cooling costs, improving the overall comfortability of your home.


Check for drafts during your next windy day. Caulking around the windows reduces leaks. Proper insulated windows save energy.


All electronics leak energy regardless of their status. If you know you will not use your tv any time soon, unplug it. That includes all of the chargers that leak throughout the day.

Vernon Esham Builders diligently strives to build you the most energy efficient home possible. In addition, we work with you to introduce additional energy reduction solutions during any remodel. To discuss further and learn about more energy saving tips, call us at 443-783-5792 or email us at vernon@vernoneshambuilders.com.

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