4 Benefits of a Smart Home

Do you have a Smart Home hub in your home? Are you curious how one would help you? Imagine seeing who is at your door when you are not home. Imagine lights coming on as you pull into your driveway. Imagine being woken up by freshly brewing coffee, lights slowly raising, your blinds automatically opening and your favorite song or daily news briefing.

Smart Home

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is typically a home setup with automation for appliances and devices. This allows you to control your home from any internet-connected place remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer. You are able to control functions within your home, including home security, lights, and temperature. The possibilities are endless. But how does this help you?

Benefits of A Smart Home

Energy Efficiency

Smart Homes are designed to help monitor and reduce your energy usage. Smart Thermostats will monitor your home usage and time of day, precisely automating your heating and cooling. This increased efficiency often lowers your energy bill.

In addition, the utilization of Smart Home technology powers down appliances when not in use. Therefore, the small amounts of energy usage created by dormant connected devices will be eliminated, further reducing your energy bill.

Increased Security

Have you ever been home alone and heard a knock at the door? With this increased technology, you can access your front door via your phone, tablet or computer. Also, sensors can notify you when packages are delivered, windows are opened, or if unknown individuals are trespassing on your property. Smart Programming allows you to set times for lights to turn on, or you are able to turn on the lights via your device. Now, the same person can knock at your door, see lights turn on, creating a higher level of security and safety. And if it is someone who needs entry, you can simply unlock the door to let them in.

Security is vastly important, but so is the safety of your family. Monitoring for smoke, fire or carbon monoxide remains one of the most important aspects of any security system. Your Smart Home monitors these safely, notifying you if any danger levels are hit. Also, your system will notify police, or the fire department as needed, ensuring a quick response.

Everyday Tasks

Automated technology allows you to program mundane tasks. Dishwashers can begin their cycle, vacuums can clean your floor and the dryer can flush your clothes all by a press of a button on your device. This AI based digital technology allows you to complete these tasks with minimal effort on your part, allowing you to focus on what’s important.


With the introduction of Smart Home hub devices, you are able to pipe music throughout the home, video chat with loved ones or simply access a recipe while cooking in the kitchen. Creating a grocery list is accessible through calling out to your hub. You are able to access the daily news, fun facts or recent sports scores. Also, catch up on your latest audiobook or order your next delivery.

Worried that your children are wasting too much time on their devices? You can easily limit or end access to the internet through your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Smart Home Hub

In conclusion, Smart Homes offer peace of mind, security, entertainment and increased energy efficiency. Have more questions? Contact Vernon Esham Builders at 443-783-5792 or vernon@vernoneshambuilders.com for more information.

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